A Cornish return

No walking today. It’s been a tiring week and a long day yesterday. It’s also wet, windy and cold, and I’m not in specific training just yet to make it that vital or worthwhile. But I have been thinking hard about a new walking challenge and I think I’ve found the one. It’s the Atlantic Coast Challenge 5-7 October next year and what effectively consists of three marathon distance walks on three consecutive days Friday to Sunday. But – as they say on I’m A Celebrity – I won’t be alone in there. This is one that I would really like to do with a few friends. There has already been some interest and some pledges to do this in a team. It is quite an exciting yet daunting challenge, and that is the combination that usually works.

Atlantic Coast Challenge

The route follows the North Cornwall coast from around Padstow to Land’s End along the South West Coast Path. I have walked some of that route, though in the opposite direction. It will be beautiful and with lovely Atlantic views, but also tough walking. We can only hope that the weather won’t be too bad. Photos from that last visit……

I’m leaving it for a few days while these guys have a cooling off period prior to committing to this event (the Cornish pasty for finishing will surely persuade one of them, in particular). As ever, there is some expense involved – but slightly cheaper if we all commit prior to 30th December. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to some walking over the Christmas holiday period to build up a little bit of fitness once again. As we get to spring and summer, I will build in some off-road walking with plenty of hills. The not very hilly New Forest and the slightly more hilly South Downs beckon.


Worth getting out of bed for

Sometimes there is simply too much going on for my one-dimensional brain (perhaps two-dimensional at a stretch) to handle. Issues and concerns both inside and outside the office are pretty difficult when they all come at once.

I certainly needed to get back out there on the road, press the endorphins and temper some of the toxins of trouble. No doubt over the following month I will be considering some fairly implausible walking challenges before setting on something very challenging but marginally manageable given a following wind, hopefully both interesting and manageable.

For today, a jolly jaunt along familiar tracks. A coffee stop, a couple of drivers beeping their horns in greeting, a couple of instances of rather reckless driving. Just another day at my ‘walking office’ and how great it felt. Well, great for at least about nine or ten miles. It is a few weeks since I’ve done anything near this distance. Strangely, my walking trousers felt tight, not around the belt as much as round the thighs. Blimey, that cycling had an effect. At one time, 13.5 miles would have been easy and a hardly-worth-getting-out-of-bed-for distance. Today, it was more than that. Likely to be stiff and achy tomorrow.