It’s not that I’m lazy but

It’s not that I’m lazy – though I have traces of that trait – but today didn’t feel like a walking day. Temperatures were peaking today at around 27 degrees in SO31 and surrounding areas and possibly higher further from the coast. After six hours in the sun yesterday at cricket, I did feel the first signs of dehydration, and that despite drinking a fair amount of watery drink and also that I was only scoring and not even playing. Doing any sort of distance on a Sunday that, if anything, was even hotter, might have been satisfying in a rather smug look-how-tough-I-am sort of way, but might have been counter-productive later in the week.

Anyway, I am feeling reasonably fit and have a good base from which to kick on in the middle and second half of the summer. Yeah, I have seen and heard that others are on their bikes or on the road or even up mountains this weekend but, given recent events, it wouldn’t do any harm to have a quietish day at home with my Pammy. I certainly don’t need to make myself unwell by overexertion on the walking front when energies are better conserved for just keeping healthy and being useful. 

Thank you to those who sponsored me so far for the Thames Path Trail challenge, including those who donated anonymously (so I can’t thank you personally). With so many deaths and terrible events occurring, charity fundraising efforts are plentiful and it is not possible to donate to every one that chimes. Moreover, I am so proud of so many of my friends who have taken on fundraising and many who have taken on challenges that they must have felt nigh on impossible at some time! The world is not such a bad place if there is such caring for others and, as a spin-off, the will to help via something outside one’s comfort zone. Some of these challenges are pretty impressive and I might have to up my game next year!


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