One week at a time

It has been a tough time over the last few weeks with plenty of issues and at these points the bad things are accentuated and the good things played down to be less important. It is at these times when walking has helped me, since I started decent distances at around the start of 2012.

Today I never felt as if it was going to be sufficient to play off everything in my mind and it has appeared that even the most trivial thing is hard to brush off. Enthusiasm wasn’t forthcoming despite the fact that I knew a walk would be good for me, and I barely seemed better after 17 miles – it might have needed 170 miles, though that would have taken a while and completely done me in for an even longer while. In the morning, I tried my best to lift the mood and remember what I have achieved before by wearing my London2Brighton hoodie. I can’t think it did that much harm, and certainly protected me from some strong breezes on a chillier-than-it-looked afternoon, despite a fair amount of sunshine.

The hoodie also led to the one interesting and amusing incident of the walk. As I was queuing for my coffee, a chap asked me what it was about – and I responded that I had walked from London to Brighton last year. He asked how far that was, and I said 100 kilometres, about 62 miles. But he cut my mood to the quick and took all wind out of any of my sails by saying, “that must have taken you 15 or 16 hours”. When I responded that it was around 27, he looked slightly less impressed but he did say, “well, it was still a good effort”. A good effort – you have no idea…..

So not a lot to talk about today. It was one of the least enjoyable walks for some time but not entirely worthless. Exercise has to be good, even if one doesn’t feel it at the time. I’m sure that I’ll feel the benefit later in the week and there is no significant pain. But it is tough at the moment and I’m taking one week at a time. It’s not so bad yet to be at the ‘one day at a time’ level. Anything less than a day and it really is time to worry. I’m just at ‘one week at a time’ which only equates to ‘I need a hug now and again’, as well as dragging that annoying Lena Martell song into my head. Blimey, did my Mum love that song at the time (1979).

So to the week ahead. The fact that I have written all this means it can’t be that bad, so don’t worry, I’m not losing it just yet!


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