The return of the breakfast box?

I do sometimes surprise myself. Having not gone walking for two weeks, on a pretty warm day, I trotted out 23 miles and even did a little dance at the end in the front room. Ok, it was the Robot dance to celebrate what is quite likely to Peter Crouch’s final Premier League goal, but a dance it was. The main thing is that I hardly feel like I’ve walked that far – except that a couple of my toes are a little sore with a bit of pressure as my feet expanded with the heat and distance. Nothing much.

You might say – yeah, but you’ve done that distance many times before. Indeed but that’s normally when I am really fit, rather than just in the moderate shape I’m in at the moment. It included two or three miles speed walk and a good spell on the stones on the beach, so it was far better than I had expected. I was taking on plenty of fluid and trying to find those shops with the cheap water based drinks with some success. Not getting dehydrated is absolutely the most important thing on a warm day.

It will be the Thames Path Trail for me on the weekend of 9-10 September, 100 kilometres from Putney Bridge to somewhere 100 kilometres (62 and a bit miles) down the path. Henley, I gather. That’s certainly not the distance as the crow flies but a pretty winding way and taking in some of the sights of South West London and the surrounding areas. Hopefully too it will not be the height of temperature that we might see in June or July, and the night will be longer, though I would imagine that there would be more lighting than on other night walks – the Wight Challenge two years ago was chronically dark at various points and treacherous to even find your way. London2Brighton last year was much much better.

I will be walking on behalf of the Rocky Appeal charity – and details will appear of this will appear in time. Just accommodation to sort out. A few Travelodges within a couple of miles of the start and it could be the return of the good old breakfast box for a bit of nostalgia. Or perhaps not.

Just one last thing. I keep seeing that I have more than the odd view of one specific post from 18 months ago and I have no idea why, neither why virtually all of the views appear to be coming from United States. What is it about that post – when others have no views after about a fortnight after posted? As Toyah once said, “It’s a Mystery”.


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