Paling in comparison

Quite worried after last Sunday’s longer than usual walk with a niggling pain around the inside of my right knee, or just slightly lower. Fortunately, Matt was home from university for Easter and had a look and a prod, doing quite a thorough assessment, asking me what all seemed sensible questions, and thought it was the point where the hamstring ends. The fact that I had done a fair amount of downhill sections (and the half hour on the shingle on the beach can’t have helped) appears to have caused the discomfort. What a thoughtful, intelligent, sensitive and sensible son we have – I can’t understand which of those attributess he gets from which of his parents…….

The original plan was not to go for a walk this weekend. Yesterday we had a number of members from Pam’s side of the family visit for a family do but a planned visit today to a friend was cancelled due to them being too unwell for visitors. That certainly wasn’t great news and it was with a heavy heart that I decided to go walking this afternoon.

Today was the day of both the London Marathon and the Southampton Marathon, the latter also encompassing half marathon and 10K races (I believe). I very rarely watch the London Marathon on television, not because I don’t marvel at people’s achievements and the personal stories behind those, but because I always wonder what I could have achieved in that sphere if not for a couple of serious injuries after I had already run three half marathons when I was about 25. Despite my walking exploits more recently, I fear that it would be impossible for me to take up serious (or even frivolous) running again without endangering my physical health. So as well as being impressed, I am also slightly envious – so it is best for me just to read the stories of my friends and it doesn’t make me any less proud of what they have done.

So for me to talk today about the somewhat easier task of walking – and 16.5 miles. No, I won’t say too much more, because it pales in comparison. The route took in a direct-ish route to Fareham and then up to and around Knowle village before returning on a path just to the east of Knowle back down to Funtley. I walked along the edge of the proposed Welbourne village site and I’m not going to get in the rights and wrongs of this development, though I can see both sides of the argument. If I was that bothered about the number of views and comments on my blog, at this point I would espouse one side or the other and let the nature of social media take its course. But one thing I would say, that that part of the walk was beautifully quiet with the M27 traffic in the distance barely registering a sound.

No issues with hamstrings or knees today. I heeded the implied advice to not push myself up or down too many inclines and felt well within myself today. I’ll see how I am during the week and plan accordingly.


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