Never felt like going out for a walk today, never enjoyed it when I did, but still did 19 miles. There are just some days when it is so difficult, but you just have to force yourself. In terms of feeling good, decluttering my mind and making things easy for myself, it was probably one of my worst. But – I still did 19 miles. I have so much on my mind at the moment that I never achieved the goal I wanted. I was wearing my Pompey hoodie today on a chilly afternoon and, after what I heard yesterday, I was half surprised that there weren’t people booing me. Because that would really build up my confidence and really make me look forward to going walking again next week.

Nothing I tried could make that much difference. Even meeting some friends from work just at the time of my coffee stop. Even taking one of my favourite routes – along Lee on Solent sea front. Even nipping into a shop and buying my very favourite chocolate. Ok, that is normally Maltesers, but instead I picked up some Hersheys Cookies and Cream. Perhaps that was seen as too much a like-for-like substitution. Maybe I should have gone with both, which would have solved everything.

Only one thing for it. Boooooooooooooooooooo.


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