If you haven’t got anything to say, don’t say it

It’s advice that both my mum and wife have given me many times, in the nicest possible way. “If you haven’t got anything to say, don’t say it”. So here am I, having notched up another 19 miles on to my career tally of I’ve no idea how many, struggling to know what to say, purely for the traditional post-walk blog post.

When I say “I’ve no idea how many”, of course that is not true. I know the total is not 3 and I know it’s not 3 million. So I have an idea, I just don’t know the exact total. Since I started distance walking in 2012, I would reckon somewhere in the region of 8,000 miles? Today’s 19 or so miles included a decent trek up the Itchen Way from Swaythling to Bishopstoke, which was a nice change from the roads. On the roads, the pavements betrayed the autumn with a thick covering of leaves, so I was thankful for a dry few days to ensure it wasn’t slippery. The mileage was certainly enough to keep me in trim and to settle a rather troubled mind after a couple of difficult issues at work and, after assuring myself that troubles don’t always come in threes, the news that my dad was not in the best of health. A trip to see him on Saturday indeed confirmed that, but he sounded a lot lot better when I spoke to him this morning before setting off.

Visiting my dad meant that Pammy and I didn’t get to see The Girl on The Train. No spoilers please! La la la la, I can’t hear you. Given the recent non-performance of the UK rail companies, I expect she will still be there if we decide to see her next week. If you’re not following this, let me reassure you that that TGOTT is a film to see at the pictures, not some strange weekend arrangement where we meet some stranger for as yet unconfirmed, er, activities.

It’s been an odd time recently. After a long period of very few mentions of my long walk, suddenly I have had quite a few comments from others. This thing goes in phases. I expect that when I retire in ten years or so, more will be made about that walk than any work I have ever done. I’m not sure whether that is a good thing or not! I still want to do that walk again, after I retire, perhaps starting at John O’Groats instead, taking a different route. If I can become the oldest person to do it, then all the better (the record is held by 74 year old Reg Savill, before you ask). It would take a monumental effort and similarly monumental support to do that.

I certainly miss the life that I led for over ten weeks. Free as a bird, with the only task for the day to walk a pre-specified distance and find the way. Oh, and write the blog…..

Right, I’ve said it.



2 thoughts on “If you haven’t got anything to say, don’t say it

  1. Hi Keith

    I recently saw two films with Train in the title, one was a really exciting and entertaining ride. Not to disappoint you, but it wasn’t the ‘The Girl on The Train’ which was as dreary as a Southern Rail replacement bus service.

    ‘Train to Busan’ – a Korean Zombie movie – brilliant – catch it if you can!


    • A Korean zombie movie? Well, I could wait until that one’s on TV at Christmas! The Girl on The Train does appear to be like Marmite. No, not taken off the shelves by Tesco, but quite extreme opinions, either brilliant or dull. Hopefully we will find the former…..

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