Caution: Walking can be dangerous for your health

Quite a few miles recently so I decided to let myself off a bit today. A later start and a very sedate pace for the afternoon. My feet are not happy feet at the moment and I am simply being the caring person that I am.

So a day off from long distances – a mere 17 miles today – but enough to de-clutter and de-stress. Never reached a great pace but that was ok; I wasn’t really in the mood. It was the first time too since about February that the chill was sufficient for a thicker hoodie despite the presence of plenty of sunshine. I doubt that the temperature was even in double figures and that is far more helpful for doing decent length walks.

However. The title of this post. As I turned for home, westward, I became more troubled by the lower sun as the afternoon wore on. Dazzled disaster almost struck on two occasions as I could barely see anything of detail in front of me. Both times, I was saved by trees and buildings appearing in the path of the rays, otherwise I would have walked into a lamppost, first, and then a telegraph pole, in the style of Charlie Chaplin or Laurel and Hardy films. I can just imagine the BBC South News.

“And finally,….”

Trying to work out the likely time when I can next have 4 weeks or thereabouts off work to do the “Three Sites Walk” between the Office for National Statistics offices in Titchfield, Newport and London. The walk itself looks quite feasible – the minimum walking distance is 325 miles (Titchfield to London 74 miles, to Newport 141 and back to Titchfield 110) but that appears to take in a number of main roads like the A36 that have no pathway. I would prefer to consider a few off-road paths like parts of the Clarendon Way, Three Downs Link and Wansdyke Way, for example. I don’t mind road walking at all but there has to be a pavement – there are around 400 pedestrians killed in road accidents in England and Wales each year, and I would like to minimise my own probability of becoming a mere statistic.

So there will be plenty of work to plan a route that is likely to be in the region of 400 miles. As for timing – I am hoping next year (2017) some time but, like many, finding a likely lull in work is hard. Like everyone else, I have to take my annual ration of leave but whether I want to use a very large portion of it in one go (forcing long spells without very much leave at all) is another thing. September/October look favourite if there is a time. Watch this space.

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