Calling time

It’s not the time for heroics. The temperature down on the south coast is a rather unseasonal high twenties Celsius, touching 30 degrees at times in the last two days. The plan was to walk for four of the first five days this week, starting Sunday, but it is not worth it just to say that I’ve done it. So I am calling time gentlemen please, taking what might be called an Agile approach and sitting on my laurels for the rest of the week.

My feet have felt it. The hot weather makes for greater sweating and thus is much more risky for blistering. I could plaster up three areas on my feet where I can feel embryonic / pregnant blisters building, knowing that another 15 miles today would simply induce them. I have walked about 49 miles in three stints this week and will now protect the appendages with whom I require compliance in the future. Now if it had been an Ultra Challenge and I had about 15 miles to the finish, I would definitely continue, willing to bear whatever foot pain was kicked in my direction. My feet have been in much worse condition than this, in the past, for sure. But there seems no point in doing that today. See what I can do on Sunday but let’s hope it’s a bit cooler by then.

The two shorter walks (13 and 14.5 miles) both felt like 20-25 miles in normal weather, whatever that might mean in England. I much prefer the winter for building up fitness. It is obviously cooler and I don’t mind donning three or four layers for a longer distance and time. Not such a need to protect myself from the sun – the neck and even the sides of my face can feel the effects – and I do burn easily, I will still wear something on my head, whether it be a cap or the woolly hat. There is also less need for constant fluid intake, which can be difficult in hot weather. 

But this week has been worth it. I feel fitter if somewhat achy this morning. I need to supplement my walking with a bit more consideration of general health – nutrition and other exercise. I do love fruit and have sufficient in daily breakfast smoothies, but my sugar intake between meals is just too high; anyone doing as much walking as I do should be seeing the weight drop off, rather than gently yo-yo between walks around roughly the same level. The odd gym session wouldn’t go amiss, either. Is this what’s called a more holistic approach, I guess so. 

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