Taking a break

Can’t say that the last couple of weeks have been the best of my walking “career”, if one can call it a career. A very decent 17 mile walk on a hot Sunday two weeks ago but you might recall that I referred to a bit of dehydration afterwards. Well, dehydration is not something to be taken lightly and by late Tuesday afternoon, I was feeling unwell at work. Obviously I hadn’t fully recovered from Sunday and Tuesday was the day during which temperatures on the south coast hit around 33 Celsius.

After a couple of hours trying to have a sleep, I then threw up violently and that kicked off two full days of just drinking water and water-based fluids, often then bringing them up and sweating profusely. So the moral of the story is to take dehydration seriously otherwise it will take you seriously. It wasn’t until about Wednesday this week that I felt 90 per cent right again, though I had been back at work after the weekend. I even missed cricket! At one point, I had lost 8 pounds in weight – from Friday to Friday – but part of that was from the walk and part from the subsequent illness, not sure how I would apportion those 8.

After that, I tended to feel worst in the mornings so I have shifted having my one coffee of the day to the mid-afternoon, just as I am starting to feel a bit tired mentally. This allows me to remain alert and my brain still usable for another two or three hours, while the morning is reserved for the normal healthy breakfast smoothie and water-based drinks that tackle the period where one tends to be most in need of hydration, after a night of sleep.

I am going to take a few weeks off and wait for the weather to cool a bit before getting back on the road in earnest. But the good news is that I’m feeling reasonably good and may even do a few short walks in the evenings if the weather is reasonable. Unfortunately, it is much harder to get a coffee then, but if I’m only going to be doing 6 or 7 miles, I hardly need a break anyway. Let’s just see how it goes.

Ambition? Yes, I still have it but I am nervous about feeling anything like I did last week. That was scary. But I will be back in a while, needing once again to build up a bit of fitness from what might be quite a low base by then. I have no intention of giving up. I know it’s good for me and others agree: http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/healthy-living/fitness/advice/a26433/walking-is-best-for-muscles-joints/

I may blog occasionally on walking stuff for a while, especially if I do see some nice articles or in other blogs, like this: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/5-project-management-lessons-i-learned-walking-across-victor-prince?published=u



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