Friday on my mind

Just one more day at work and then off to Richmond on the Friday for registration in the early evening and the start of London2Brighton on Saturday morning from Old Deer Park. Finish at Brighton Racecourse some time on Sunday.

Spent a bit of time planning for this. I think these are all the things I need:

My bag, with three inner bags to keep different things separate.

Kit – boots, the base layer, walking trousers, socks (inc. spare), shirt (and spare), fleece (for the night or stops if I get cold), waterproof jacket, gloves, cap, woolly hat.

Headlight – mandatory – plus fresh batteries

B&B reservation print out, Challenge email (which is my proof of entry), cash (for baguette at 25km!), some emergency snacks, a bit of Kendal mint cake, drinks bottle.

Phone chargers, small battery pack, phone, tablet

Deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, vaseline, first aid kit, medication

Most importantly: positive attitude, pride, gratefulness.

It is possible to follow me or any other competitors on

I am competitor number 2683 or you can just search by name. I have an automated message that will be posted to Facebook at the end of each stage and mid-stage stop. At each of these, competitors have to swipe in and out so that everyone can be traced and no-one gets lost in the wilds of Sussex.

I will also be following competitors 3066 – Katie Hone, who walked with me on last year’s Wight Challenge, and she succeeded where I failed, and 2532 – Martin Lander, a cricket colleague who is walking with his sister 2533 – Claire, walking for MacMillan Cancer Support in memory of their mother Debbie Lander. If I see that they are doing fine, that will in turn help my spirits.

I can’t say that I am at my fittest and I have had one troublesome blister but I will be positive and the adrenalin will be flowing. The weather forecast is good. I see that there are 2,500 taking part, 2,100 of whom are walking (400 jogging or running) and 85 per cent are doing the full 100km challenge, as opposed to the half or quarter challenge options. Shouldn’t be short of people to talk to or walk with in the night, which will be the hardest part of the challenge.

Starting to get a bit nervous now. But it will be fine.

5 thoughts on “Friday on my mind

    • Thanks Mark. The last few miles are slightly hillier but the distance between stops is less. Don’t be surprised or worried if my average speed drops!

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