No frills

After a couple of weeks, I was back on the road today. No frills, just 7.5 miles. Glad to be back, and apparently no problems. Felt a bit stiff and leggy in the first mile but I soon settled down to a steady pace; I felt I could probably have done more but I will leave that until next weekend. The worst thing I could do now is to overdo it and set myself back so far that it’s unrecoverable for 6 weeks time. Yes, only 6 weeks now.

I took some time to read up on walking in general. Some interesting articles on this website in particular. I have also been a member of what feels like a support group for people undertaking London2Brighton, some walking, some running. It feels like everyone has been injured at some time or another. The general feeling is that there is little need to overdo it in the last month or so, just get a 20-25 mile walk or two under your belt and maintain a decent level of fitness thereafter. Notwithstanding my injury last year, these challenges are as large a mental as a physical challenge. I just need to convince myself I can do it. I thought I had done that ‘convincing myself’ thing three weeks ago but there is still a bit of work to do. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow morning – if I can’t do even this short walk without a reaction then I should be getting a little concerned.

As people are becoming aware of my walk at the end of May, a few are asking me how they can sponsor me. I am actually self-funding this time – I have raised a fair amount in the past and I didn’t feel I could ask people again. Secondly, this walk is really to make up for my failure to finish the Wight Challenge last year – and to properly earn the sponsorship I raised that time. If anyone does feel they really want to donate, then my friend from cricket, Martin Lander, is walking in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support, who gave his mother loads of support in her final few months.

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