The English Impatient

Well the outlook is unclear. Although the pain in my Achilles has eased, it is still causing discomfort at times, especially when climbing or descending stairs or when standing up after sitting down for more than a few minutes. It isn’t conducive to productivity at work to keep standing up and walking about too often and I have to just grin and bear the odd twinge.

When I will be able to recommence any serious walking training is not certain. I am not sleeping great at present and have woken up a few times having twisted slightly and with slight pains. I should say that this is not excruciating at all, but nagging just sufficiently enough to remind me that I do have an injury. At least the blister is not any sort of problem now.

I am waiting until I have at least four or five completely pain-free days before thinking of the road or anywhere else walkable. There are seven weeks and two days until the start of London2Brighton which is getting close. I am already wondering if I will be ready but I have at least the comfort that I am self-funding and therefore no obligations to people who have sponsored me. It is getting me down a bit but I cannot afford to rush back and hurt myself again. I am OK in walking 15-20 miles in the new boots but not confident yet in longer distances without damaging myself. If push came to shove, it is possible for me to use some running shoes that have very good support (and are well worn in). Not ideal but a workable fallback plan.

So, for the moment, that is it. It is frustrating to start receiving reminder emails from the organisers that we should be getting fit and in training when that is really what I would love to be doing. Furthermore, there is a very active social media group with competitors posting how many miles they have walked or run in training. Me, I am just waiting to get better, very impatiently…….


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