The Pain is over

After a poor night’s sleep, I probably pushed it too much today. I wanted just a short walk to warm down after yesterday but you need to know your limitations. In the past I have walked on 8 days in a row (Inverness to John O’Groats, around 120 miles) but I was in great condition then in boots well worn in. Today was the 6th in a row in new boots and by around 6 miles I could feel my left heel aching.

I did ultimately manage 13 miles, about as intended, and with a nice blister on said heel. Anyone who saw me both today and yesterday would have noticed the difference as I sauntered and staggered my way home. A bit disappointing to finish the Week of Pain this way, after 114 miles, but the clue is in the name and the ‘P’ word. I am in no way disheartened by today and the return journey from Fareham, via Serpentine Road and Kiln Road, was pocked by several stops to check on the progress in some of the pre-season county cricket friendlies.

That will be the end of walking for a few days until next weekend. Progress is good and pretty fit with 8 weeks to go.

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