Walking back to happiness…..

Another week of long distance rail travel that does nothing for my back, my legs or my general fitness but a good choice to take a day’s leave on the Friday to chill out and recharge. I wasn’t certain what sort of distance was within my range, but when that is the case I find a viable strategy is to aim directly either for Southampton or Fareham before taking a suitable route on return. I know that Southampton is of the order of 7-8 miles away, so if I feel less strong I can take a similar distance back to total around 15 miles.

So over the Itchen Bridge it was, on a beautiful day and a stop for coffee. Recently after the coffee shop sugar scare (actually a bit more than a scare, more an outrage), I have resorted to Americanos but I have found those provide little energy and my legs tend to ache at what should be comfortable distances. I have thus reached a compromise of the skinny latte, without any caramel or vanilla, and I have added a bit more milk to my diet to help build up a bit of strength. After today’s stop, I had the choice of a number of routes, and moving further north up Hill Lane and then to the top of The Avenue seemed possible. Indeed it was and I never felt troubled though I was slightly tired for the last couple of miles. Those “couple of miles” are when you build up the fitness, and I finished with a total distance of 19.5 miles.

I actually got considerable satisfaction from that distance, around 3 or 4 miles further than I had reasonably expected as I pondered my walk during yesterday. It was nice furthermore to receive a couple of friendly hoots or honks from passing car drivers when I was on Kanes Hill, around an hour from home. As usual, I smiled and waved (checking that there wasn’t anyone a few yards behind me whom they couldn’t have possibly been greeting) and, as usual, I had little time to work out exactly who they were but, if that was you, it did make me happy and injected just a bit of energy.

Not sure if I am walking tomorrow but I would expect so – quite possibly not as far as today – and at least I feel as if I can make a step up in distance and stamina now. No travelling for a little while so I can concentrate a bit more on this walking lark at weekends and even the occasional Friday. London2Brighton just feels that little more achievable……


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