The Edge regained

Decided on an amended strategy this weekend. Having suffered stiffness for a couple of days after the previous two walks, I have opted for two short walks for this weekend, one today and one tomorrow. Another factor is the two long rail journeys in the last two days, to Leeds on Thursday and back on Friday, that don’t do marvels for my back or legs. Not a deep vein thrombosis situation, but four and a half hours each way is a fair time sitting down in a confined space. You can only get up and walk around so many times, especially when there is standing room only for much of the journey.

So we’re looking at short walks. A short walk to me is anything under 15 miles, ho ho, and I could feel the effect today as I set off, the travelling having served to take the edge off the feeling of fitness, especially in the legs. I was not especially enthusiastic initially, but gradually broke into a relaxed afternoon stroll, with the odd speedy section. I drifted in the general direction of Fareham, looking down some different side roads, and did the same on the way back, but with greater diversions that built the distance up to near the maximum for a ‘short walk’. Google Maps gives it as 14.6 miles (normally rounded to 14.5) and feeling nothing serious in any aches and pains.

Having plenty of time to kill yesterday, I read back over the blog and the very long walk two years ago. One thing that struck me was that I must have made a point of discussing aches, pains, injuries and possible blisters, since they were mentioned more days than not. I must have sounded quite neurotic! It did bring back some great memories and I appreciated more than ever the visits of my friends, those who walked with me and the plethora of wonderful comments and support. It was an absolutely magical time, though I didn’t always realise it at the time. I had been reminded of the walk by a BBC Breakfast review of Bill Turnbull’s spell, the ‘highlight’ of which was his coverage of the Lockerbie disaster, not only at the time but of a revisit to the town many years later. I recognised a few places (especially the concrete sheep), which was remarkable, given I only spent one night there.

Hankering a bit for another long walk. London2Brighton will be a great challenge but I fancy a longer slog over a few weeks. Not sure how possible that will be in the short term at least. Next thing will be another short walk tomorrow. Will be good to build up the recovery fitness. Hopefully shouldn’t have any stiffness in the morning.


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