Food and Drink please, Jim

Super, smashing, great. Oh for the days of Bullseye, when Sunday wouldn’t be the same without a bit of Bully. You can catch up with re-runs on Challenge TV (Freeview channel 46) and it is funny to look back and see how basic the programme was and particularly how rubbish the first two series were. Food and Drink also was the subject on the subject board used in Round 1 at which I would be worst.

Jim Bowen

This week, however, has seen two questions on Food and Drink that I now can answer.

  • How much sugar is in a large skinny vanilla latte?
  • What is the best thing to eat before going on a run or a long walk?

The first of those has received a lot of news coverage. A large skinny vanilla (or caramel) latte is my usual refreshing beverage in the middle of a long walk. It is shocking to discover that, depending on the outlet, it contains the equivalent of between 9 and 13 teaspoons of sugar. No wonder that I am not shifting too many pounds despite the amount of walking I do. From now on, if it is a coffee joint that I am to visit, it will be an Americano that I purchase, though I will add one teaspoon of sugar just to combat the bitterness. The answer to the second question is surprisingly simple, not an ultra high isotonic mixture, but water and either a banana or pear. These have high fibre, so I will follow the spirit of that advice by having one of my smoothies, packed with high fibre fruits and the odd vegetable.

Onto Bully’s Prize Board. Iiiiiiinn one….. An overcast morning and, after a couple of miles during which I cleared my mind of cluttered thoughts and minor niggles, I settled down to a well paced walk eastwards. I felt I had not a care in the world at times and that helps maintain a good rhythm and it was clear I was walking at a much quicker pace than normal. Fareham was reached in 94 minutes, instead of the standard 100, and there was no need to stop other than for a quick toilet break. Portchester was another 40 minutes and Cosham (via North Harbour and skimming the very northernmost points of Portsea Island) was another 55. My thighs were slightly achy by now and a half hour stop for an, er, Americano and a skim of one of the Sunday papers was both needed and deserved.

The coffee did leave a slight after taste but nothing too unpleasant. It shouldn’t have been too surprising that the walk back home was much tougher, a lot due to a stiff breeze from the west that I had never noticed behind me on the first leg of the walk today. I was determined to just tough it out and, after four miles or so where the roads were straight and allowed more exposure to the wind, it became gradually easier. A little sustenance was needed just to take the edge off a feeling of tiredness and biscuits are normally pretty good for that. A total of 22 miles for the day and I am likely to feel that for a day or two while I am not yet at the peak of fitness. That needs to be a comfortable distance by the time I do London to Brighton at the end of May and so each of the next few weekends will have a walk of at least that length. Planning a week of walks just after Easter when the clocks go forward. That will be Bully’s Special Prize, and not a speedboat in sight.


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