Another day, another scorcher

Hard on the aching heels of the sweltering walk in Rome yesterday, we arrived this morning in Ajaccio, the former capital of the French island of Corsica. Not quite a hard ‘j’ and not quite a silent ‘j’, before you ask.

With a relatively short time on shore, the necessity of a tender boat and temperatures touching 29 degrees Centigrade, a long walk was out of any question that anyone could come up with. Ajaccio is beautiful in weather like this.


But we set out to follow the western shore northward for about as far as we could see from the first steps on solid ground. It was hot enough for us to seek any shade we could, like the goat and two donkeys in this enclosure. But how did the goat get up there?


Once we had got well past the confines of the street map we had, we turned inland and rattled up more distance as we walked along streets full of shops and cafés. The main square is the Place de Gaulle and the monument of the former French President on horseback with four of his mates around him.


Around 7 miles walking, I reckon. Bloomin’ hot again but there is a day at sea tomorrow and a chilling out day.


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