Insolence and sarc-asm

Football yesterday that generally took up the whole day, as it does, and so a Sunday morning of doing the shopping was necessary before setting out for a walk. Anyone who has a hobby always enjoys buying new stuff to indulge themselves, and I have some new walking trousers since the others really were on their last legs. I also had some new insoles since the old ones were now slipping while I was walking and that had led to a couple of minor blisters. So with new trousers and new insoles, I left the house on an afternoon just warm enough for me to enjoy some form of friendly fire ricocheting from a guy cleaning his boat with a water jet as I crossed the River Hamble.

I have learned from painful experience, and the ‘textbook’ of walking, that you shouldn’t walk too far whenever you have anything new in the way of equipment pertaining to the foot. So my limit today was 15 miles and that’s pretty much what I did. OK, slightly more, but rounded down to 15. I just felt a couple of smaller blisters starting to emerge near the end but I was quite happy really.

I’ve just read back that previous paragraph and it reminded me of a conversation I had around two years ago when I really was building up my fitness. On a Monday morning, a friend at work asked me if I had managed to get a long walk in over the weekend. With no sense of irony, I said something along the lines of, “No, but I did about 16 miles yesterday”. To be fair, that wasn’t a long walk at the time relative to other weekends but it is still a distance that takes up five hours of the day. I am finding these distances harder now than at that time but I do feel as if I could get to a really good level of fitness if I really try. Plenty of opportunities soon as I finally get two weeks off work and am going on a cruise with Pammy and we just love to go exploring around the places where we stop. Vigo, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Monaco, Corsica and Rome. Sounds good.

As I passed through Bitterne and turned left at Prince of Wales I felt as if I wanted a pee. Many Pompey fans would have taken the opportunity at passing St Fairy’s Stadium but I held on until some public toilets once over the Itchen Bridge at Woolston. The walk home from there is never the greatest in terms of scenery but quite close by is a place where I have always fancied working (if only because of the name): SARC

An Advice Centre called SARC. I can just imagine providing advice.

“Excuse me, what’s your name?” “No it isn’t. What isn’t my name.” “No I mean…forget it.” “Forget what?” “Er, do you know the way to Southampton City Centre?” “Yeah, I do. What’s it to you?”

and so on. For a much more developed and celebrated example in this genre, see the quite brilliant Monty Python “Argument” sketch.

Anyway, back to the walk and up Butts Road, no really, and some young girls who really shouldn’t have been allowed out by their parents dressed like that. At least they didn’t remind me of Shania Twain. It was a fairly gentle walk home after what had been a couple of sprint walks earlier, one of which was not so much by design but the desperation to reach the toilet, but the other a real calf straining 20 minutes that can only do me good. A switch up Swanwick Lane and round to Park Gate before home. As I said, 15 miles (about 30 thousand steps but I wasn’t counting, and about 1,500 – 1,800 calories). Good work.

2 thoughts on “Insolence and sarc-asm

  1. Hi Keith

    You’ll be able to add two more to the list of countries that you’ve walked across: Gibraltar and Monaco shouldn’t take you too long to walk the length of (provided the ship stays long enough in the port) .

    Hope you and Pam enjoy your cruise.


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