Morphine and me

Insecurity is not a great trait to have. I have felt it much more in recent days and there appears to be little pattern to it. I have grown to care much less about how people think of me, but I know it is better to be thought a good person than a bad one. You never know when you will need that one friend who is in the position to help you. I don’t feel so bad today but I have had a bit more negativity going on than normal. I could do with shifting a few pounds and there is something about exercise that releases good endorphins, that I understand have similar properties to morphine.

With football starting again, it is a good time to be walking. Listening to radio commentaries passes the time – one live match covers about seven miles or so and in the coming weeks Sunday will normally be decent fare with a couple of games on Talksport and 5 Live during the afternoon. So hopefully I will soon be again on the 20+ mile treadmill. Cooler weather will help me with that, without question. Today it is the Community Shield and the earlier attraction of some cricket on Radio Solent. It is a very warm afternoon and I can’t recall being quite as sweaty by the time I get home in the early evening. It was lovely to walk on the beach again briefly, and without my feet having any meaningful conversation with me this time. Lee on Solent is an attractive sea front and is a reasonable distance from my home, through Titchfield and Stubbington. Past “Cyril’s”, where I had my first really short haircut after living with unreasonably long hair from the age of about 9 until 23, and a longer route home, straight up to Fareham and a no frills main road jaunt back to Sarisbury. 17 miles is the final score.

Quite happy with that, thank you very much, given my relative lack of fitness and the temperature. I would love to get back to that level of about 16-17 months ago, when I felt almost invincible in walking terms. No distance or terrain could beat me, though there were a couple of decent efforts from the Trossachs region. What I lack at present is the goal of a challenge and I intend to put that right in the next week or two. I keep on talking about it but I need to commit to something. Not expecting any sponsorship since I cannot keep asking and I was blown away by the amount donated last year. Entry fees are around £150 for the ultra challenges that I am targeting but there is usually an Early Bird price that can give 20-30% reduction. Yes, it is expensive but you do get a lot of support during what would be 24-36 hours for a 100+ km walk. So, some time next year, no doubt in the summer so it will either be too warm or wet to be perfect. Warmth may be better since it might be cool through the night rather than downright unpleasant as it was on the Wight Challenge.

Ah, that feels better. Feet are a bit sore but there are no blisters that I can see. Legs ache but that is a bit of tiredness and nothing else. But it helps to talk, and to write. Thank you for listening, and reading.


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