Worth a look

Interesting short 4 part series on BBC2 this week Monday to Thursday, four half hour programmes on The Pennine Way, which has been open for 50 years this year and was the first long distance trail in England. Really brought back some whimsical memories on the long and tough climb up to Stoodley Pike (see picture) and the lovely village of Heptonstall, featured in the first episode. Should have mentioned it before really, but it is available on BBC iPlayer.


On the way down from Stoodley Pike, there was an incredibly fit and tough female runner, probably no more than 5 feet tall, running up through the boggy terrain and then down again. OK, she was a bit younger than me but it made me feel quite humble how I had become very out of breath just walking up. And I am not as fit now as I was then! But try and catch it – it is worth viewing.

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