Rain doesn’t stop play just yet

It is wet here. So much so that I am wondering whether even to leave my accommodation and walk what would be about 10 minutes into the Newport town centre for food. There are tea, coffee and biscuits in my room, after all. Seriously thinking that tomorrow’s match might well be off despite the forecast that there will be no rain after about midnight and that the drainage at the ground is apparently excellent.

Still, even if it is off, a day wandering around the Isle of Wight would not be the worst Saturday you could imagine. Today, the leg from home to Southampton Red Funnel ferry port was characterised by rain, but not unpleasantly heavy. Imagine the level that would have about two-thirds of cars having full windscreen wiper function and one-third having their wipers on intermittent. Yes, I did take my own survey, that is just me and stats are what I do! The rain ceased shortly before I reached Woolston and the Kitchen Bridge, nay, the Itchen Bridge, thank you autocorrect. I reached the port very much not the worse for wear and not looking wet at all. Just under 8 miles for the home leg.

A very timely arrival too, a mere 10 minutes prior to the departure of the sea vessel. I found a decent seat, hoping to relax for the best part of an hour, only to be surrounded by a host of chav families, scoffing food like they hadn’t eaten for days, one bringing on a large bucket of pungently smelling KFC. The mother, in a tight leopardskin print top, was pigging on some chicken breasts, undoubtedly containing far less silicone than her own.

Thankfully, after I myself had purchased a sandwich, muffin and drink, we arrived at East Cowes to be greeted by steady rain. Shifting to Cowes using the chain ferry, I turned up Bridge Road, noticing that it is uphill in pretty much every direction. Arctic Road wasn’t quite the appropriate name for the turning but the weather was turning even less pleasant. I found the Cowes to Newport path through the woods and it belted down for a full hour. My waterproofs did me proud and kept me reasonably dry apart from some dampness later on inside my boots. That simply goes with walking. Sometimes your socks get wet and you just have to grin and bear it and get on with it. It doesn’t bother me – it’s water off a duck’s back, so to speak.

Magically, as I left the path and reached Newport town centre, the rain eased and then stopped. I spent 20 minutes having a coffee and, as I left, I realised I had wet the seat. Not in a “getting old and unable to control my bodily functions” way but that the rainwater had run down my jacket and onto my chair. I scuttled off to my b&b. Small room, single bed, poor phone signal, not a great internet signal. Don’t even know whether this post will be uploaded. But they do do fresh fruit salad for breakfast and that is indeed a result. 9 o’clock sitting, enough time for me to eat and then toddle along the mile or so to the cricket ground, if the game is still on! Weather forecast is good for tomorrow but not so for Sunday, when I walk back home. About 13.5 miles in total, not the longest and not the most strenuous walk I have ever had, but good fun, despite the weather.


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