A hard rain’s gonna fall

Yes, I will get wet tomorrow. For all the best efforts of my waterproof jacket and trousers, I will get wet. Rain water always has that knack of getting in somewhere, normally through minute gaps in the boots or through to the face with gusts of wind. 8 miles to Southampton, over the Itchen Bridge (now that is going to be fun) and to the Red Funnel port, probably a bit of time drying off a little, and then just under 6 miles on the other side where I will restock on the soaky stuff.

There is a yellow weather alert for Portsmouth tomorrow. http://www.portsmouth.co.uk/news/local/yellow-alert-weather-warning-issued-for-tomorrow-1-6867195 Not that anyone particularly cares about me, but everyone is so much more concerned for those opting to take out a second mortgage just to buy a coffee and a burger to watch the America’s Cup. The weather is likely to be just as bad around 15 miles west of there and that’s where I will be on the first leg.

Not that I really worry about it that much. I would sooner walk in steady (but not too heavy) rain than a heatwave. I have walked well over 20 miles in torrential rain before. I looked back today at a blog post from the long walk, from Wookey to Bath, 22 miles, and I am amazed how upbeat I sound at the end of the day given I was absolutely soaked, the rain had got into my bag, soaking some of my clean clothes and there were virtually no drying facilities at the youth hostel where I was staying. https://spiceboy80.wordpress.com/2014/03/02/in-bath/

The one thing that will really cheese me off is if Saturday’s game is called off! But it is a bit of adventure and it is far far better than sitting in the house watching TV, or even being at work! Yes, a day of rain will be less pleasant than the perfect overcast 10-15 degrees, but if you look outside tomorrow from the comfort of your office or your home and see it bucketing down, don’t feel sorry for me; I’ll be having a whale of a time. Head music at the ready.

I have all but packed my bag. I have a very waterproof insert for all the cricket stuff – which includes the scorebook – but the bag does feel a reasonable weight. I will certainly know I have been for a walk when I reach my b&b just south of Newport, that’s for certain. I know I have upset some people, or at least lightly ruffled a few feathers, with some views on our cricket club that I posted on our forum, so I am happy if you guys want to laugh at me when you see the weather. Strength in adversity and all that. The ‘In Bath’ day was, for sure (say in a Louis Van Gaal accent if you wish), the day when I knew I would be able to do the whole of the walk. And, of course, Saturday is forecast dry before another rainy one on Sunday, though apparently lighter showers than tomorrow.

Blog post tomorrow night from the Island. Unless, of course, the ferry port is closed due to bad weather conditions.storm


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