Friday plans foiled

Ah the weather. Or, more precisely, the weather forecasts. Having not been for a decent walk for two weeks, and having commitments, cricket or otherwise, for the next two Saturdays and Sundays, I really need to keep my hand in. Or perhaps that should be my feet.

Earlier in the week, I hatched the idea of a Friday afternoon – evening walk, knocking off work at lunchtime and getting in the best part of 20 miles before it got dark. Plans of mice and men. The early weather forecasts on Monday and Tuesday were floating the probability of rain on Friday but I have known only too well how those change. Thursday night and still rain forecast for Friday afternoon. Thunder and lightning no less. Come Friday morning and the afternoon forecast was for rain, but not exceptionally heavy. It felt quite close in the morning and I had pretty much packed all the walking gear away for another week!

Still hadn’t rained by late morning and at 2pm ( probably the latest I would have to leave) the BBC Weather Forecast said it was currently 18 degrees, but would be 24 degrees within an hour and very heavy rain. Sitting in the office, glancing occasionally out of the window to see overcast skies, I wondered if I could have done it. No sign of rain, not even when I went home at 5:15. It was only around 7pm that there was any light rain and more like 7:45 when it became heavier. So if the weather forecast was anything like it should be in the days when we can apparently land on a comet, I could have got five or six hours, or almost 20 miles walking.

I know it is not impossible to walk in the rain (see, among others, a blog post from early March 2014 and my walk from Wookey to Bath if you want evidence of that) but it can be unpleasant if you don’t absolutely need to be doing it. So there goes another day without walking, and not much chance of anything significant before next midweek at the very earliest. I can see Scary Weather woman cackling at me as I write this. Nina Ridge, if you’re not keeping up…….

Despite this, the 6 pounds weight I lost are staying off. Only chocolate in the last 5 weeks has been a maximum of two small squares of that 85% cocoa dark chocolate per day, much less cheese and some reduction in bread (which I was consuming before in probably unhealthy amounts), and taking the stairs, even when my knees have been aching, an average of about 20 flights per day. A walk or two here and there could only help.

The zest for walking is still there and helped, quite randomly, by three long conversations with three different people about the Lands End to John O’Groats walk in the past week, all initiated by the other person, I hasten to add. Even 16 months after I set out, there are clearly people who are still interested! The longer time goes on, the more I realise how many other people were following me, even people whom I have never met. Goodness, I didn’t know how much that walk would change my life and how others perceive me. Maybe there is nothing else interesting about me, but a growing subject that starts a conversation is whether I have any new long walks in my plans. Yes, but not quite yet……


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