Venturaing into Guernsey

Have been looking forward immensely to Wednesday and the day in Guernsey. The day arrived in beautiful sunshine, so much so that I have some sunburn on my arms. Before you say anything, it only takes a whiff of sun to have me don a cap or sometimes even more substantial headgear, especially at cricket.

The good ship Ventura is too large (3,192 passenger capacity) to rock at the capital St Peter Port, so it docked some way out to sea where was a shuttle boat into the harbour. Yes, our ship is that small looking object in the sea!


We had always planned to do a decent walk today and had some good advice to head south and west around the island. After climbing 82 steps (yes, we did count them) leaving the town, we found some lovely paths paved with various flora and fauna: look at this beauty……


and a couple of hours in, we took the 231 (not 230 as in our Guernsey Self-Guide book) steps to Jerbourg Point. Pammy and I both fancied some refreshment and had a decent sized pot of tea and an decenter sized banana and fudge muffin, all for £4, receiving something I hadn’t seen for years, a pound note, in my change. A Guernsey pound note, it must be said. The currency is UK sterling but with some home-styled notes, that no doubt would be impossible to part with in any shop back on English home soil.

The terrain was challenging but became easier after the break, though continually punctuated by sets of steps, both up and down, that tested the knees and Achilles in particular. But it was all worth it for some fantastic scenery. Everyone who followed this blog during the long walk (and bought the calendar) knows my love of water in pictures. I was not to be disappointed.



Unfortunately the day couldn’t last for ever. Last shuttle boat trip was due 5:30 and we were aiming to get back for 4:30 to be safe. We passed Saints Bay without mentioning you know what and reached Icart Point, which is at about the midpoint of the south coast. Venturing northward on paths, eventually finding houses and life, we asked three local ladies where a bus could be caught. Two had no idea, having apparently “not been on a bus for years”, but one directed us to a bus stop about five minutes away. No bus stop post, but the letters B U S painted on the road. The bus was precisely on time and took us to the bus terminus just a couple of minutes walk from the shuttle boat stop.

Quite tired from today’s walk. Certainly testing. Not sure of the distance but it was about five and a half hours walking. Very very enjoyable indeed.


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