Belgian pun

Monday: Off cruising again, just for a short one and two stops. First up today is Zeebrugge and a familiar walk for us through the paths to Blankenberge. We also walked along the familiar promenade and part-beach, so that I had to take my running shoes off to empty them of sand.

We stopped off for a quick and quite lovely cup of tea, amazed as always by the linguistic gymnastics of some of our European friends who can switch from English to German to French to another tongue that might well have been Flemish, all in the space of four short conversations with customers.

An interesting monument on the sea front here, showing a woman and child tugging the flag of two soldiers. This was opened in 1900, stolen by the Germans during World War I and repatriated to the town in 1922.


We walked down toward the town centre, past a seemingly endless row of cafes and bars, until reaching a pleasant garden with a small crazy golf course. Past there was something I have never seen before, crazy snooker!



Well I never. Belgium is not known for its snooker excellence, and one wonders of the possible economic benefits of introducing this to England. If anyone is aware of one of these in England, I would be fascinated to see it, and wonder at how it had no doubt been vandalised beyond repair by ignorant youth.

Next up was the Church of St Roch:


Beautiful inside too, though spoilt by so many opportunities for us to part with our money. Rather unchurch like – one collection box would have been sufficient.

End of the photos for today, guys, I am sure you wouldn’t have wanted any of me inspecting my feet at the end of the walk, something like 10-11 miles, after another grapple with sand grains creeping into all those old blisters and cracks. A day at sea tomorrow and then Guernsey on Wednesday.

By the way, there is no further pun than the title of the post. So sorry about that. You just can’t have your cake and eat it. Boom boom.


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