Pre-cruise muse and weight update

Amazing what a bit of restraint and self-control can do, and the scales this morning show a loss of four pounds in just under two weeks. It also feels quite sustainable, just eating less bread, less cheese and only a small amount of dark chocolate. Barely having anything between meals and it is nice to get to mealtimes feeling like I need food (as well as wanting it). Also the odd brisk walk, as well as those long ones, feel good, especially before a meal. You might already know that Pammy and I walked for just over 43 minutes on Tuesday and yesterday took almost 5 minutes off that same route (38 minutes 25 seconds). That did feel ‘brisk’, especially the final part up Sarisbury Hill.

The goal for this next week is to weigh no more than I do at the moment. Short cruise tomorrow and back home on Thursday, and those of you who have been on cruises will know that there is unlimited food just everywhere on cruise ships, inclusive in the price. Of course, to offset any additional calorific intake, we will go walking on our stops in Belgium and Guernsey, the latter a place I have never visited, and which is a mere 30 square miles in area. In my head, without the aid of either a calculator or a safety net, if Guernsey were circular, and it isn’t, a walk around the perimeter would be in the region of 18-20 miles, not out of the question for us. But there appear to be lots of inlets and strange shapes and the road doesn’t stretch right to the edge so, basically, I haven’t got a clue. We will find a decent walk to do, I’m sure.

Made the decision to definitely do another ultra challenge next year. No doubt about that. Any takers to walk with me on Grand Union Canal Challenge? Likely to be in June 2016, around 100km, through the night into Sunday, and you get to hear a string of stories, jokes, confessions and lots lots more. Not holding my breath, never a good idea in any case to do that for too long!


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