Eat, drink, rest and be sensible

Almost certainly the last walk before Saturday’s big one. With the Southampton Half Marathon going on, two thousand doing it, roads closed and whatnot, there was no way I was going westwards today. So more miles in my legs and for my feet in a pretty straight A27-dominated stretch to the top of Portsea Island.

But a couple of late nights and a charity event even after cricket had finished yesterday had taken their toll. I felt today that I wasn’t really at the top of my game and the planned stop in Cosham turned into a quick 10 minute shop and nosh in Portchester, around three miles early. I even thought about just turning back home at that point but I kept on to Cosham High Street and onto the Island. I was quite pleased that I gutsed this one out to about 23.5 miles. Three years ago that would have been an amazing distance but now it is routine, so I have come a long way. Most of all this Sunday walk is a warning that I must eat, drink, rest and sleep sensibly – at least for this week.

Left work slightly earlier than normal on Friday to make sure I have everything I need. Rucksack – certainly a much smaller one than last year! – a couple of rain protected compartments, and a head light, which is mandatory for next Saturday night. Who ever said that walking is a cheap hobby clearly hasn’t ever done it seriously.

I can’t think I am going to do too much walking for a few weeks after next weekend so there might be a flurry of blog posts on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and then silence for a while. Hope you can stand it…….


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