Run of the mill walk

Decided today was fit for a not too energetic walk, on a dry day with plenty of cloud around. I saw the sights, lived the dream today: Locks Heath, Titchfield, Stubbington, Peel Common, Fareham, Funtley (almost), Titchfield again……….. 18 miles, and no issues at all with anything at all. Blisters have almost healed despite 112 miles this week and the plasters are gradually coming off naturally. All systems are go for four weeks time.

Nothing too much to talk about today except a general contentment with much of the world. Walking that distance for six out of seven days would not be everyone’s cup of tea but I do find it sort of relaxing and a way of feeling good about myself. Now the clocks have gone forward there is no great rush to finish and get home – in fact, last year it was a source of panic (or at least worry) when I had to find unfamiliar accommodation in the dark. This day, 4th April, last year was the day where Google Maps directed me down a dead end to a quarry in Lanark, and only out of desperation did I give up and walk back to continue down the main road for about another mile before I coincidentally found the accommodation where I had booked – though I had to whip out my paper copy of the booking to convince them that I had indeed booked there. They were fully booked but they had had a late cancellation. Quite what they (and I) would have done if there hadn’t been one, I do not know.

Now considering whether to have another walk either on Sunday or Monday. Perhaps that is punishing my feet and legs too much?


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