A long Good Friday

No walking today with me just taking care not to do myself any damage. I just felt my legs, especially the Achilles, needed a break rather than me push myself rather pointlessly through any pain barrier. This week has given me a bit of confidence and that will certainly be needed in four weeks time. I will try for a few miles tomorrow.

That said, I have felt quite down today. It is like a day wasted and I really haven’t felt like putting up too much of a fight. Not going to work, no structure to the day, well, maybe that is what I need just now and again. Tomorrow is another day. If there is one thing my long walk taught me to do, and for which I will be forever grateful, is to switch off at the end of one day knowing that tomorrow is another day, that is a fresh start and often life is so much better.

Rather daunting is all the information that I am starting to receive on the Wight Challenge. A Saturday 9:10am start and registration an hour prior to that – I will no doubt take up the option of registering the day before! Maximum size rucksack 35 litres (10kg) should be OK (about half the size that I carried last year) since I only need some spare warm clothing and a bit of drink and some snacks. Food and drink is available at various points but some emergency rations might be important.

A few have asked me how long I think I will take to walk the 106km or around 66 miles. Well, I am expecting to finish mid-morning or lunchtime on the Sunday, so about 22-26 hours. The organisers have set a limit of 34 hours, though if one is quite close to finishing I am sure they would extend that a little. The organisation looks quite thorough, with particular emphasis on safety during the night. Everyone must have a head light and no-one is allowed to start any of the main sections on their own – there are Trek Masters who have been there done that with whom you can walk. At the very start, walkers set off in groups of about 100 so there is a good chance of finding friends to walk with.

Frightening, truly frightening. More frightening than last year’s walk, that is for certain.

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