Not walking the walk yet

Three weeks since my last walk and I’m afraid it will be another week at least until my next one. It has not been a good fortnight or so with what has been diagnosed as a sinus infection really knocking me back. The effect was at first to give me constant pain across the top row of teeth in particular. Antibiotics are gradually sorting me out but having the common side effect of nausea as well as weakness from being unable to eat everything I want. If there is one good thing to come out of this, I have been unable to bite my nails for about 10 days!

So this is not ideal preparation for walking 106 km (66 miles) at the start of May. I will need a couple of weekends at least to catch up with where I was three weeks ago. Still, it pays to be positive and I have at least booked accommodation for that May weekend. A bit niggled that all b&bs and hotels have applied a Round The Island multiplication factor for that weekend and many have a minimum 3 day booking. Add to that that I will only be there for 2 of the 3 nights. Still, I have found somewhere that looks and sounds good.

But certainly no walk tomorrow. About as strenuous as it will get will be walking to the local shop to get a paper and to the cricket ground to have a look at the scorers’ box. Looking forward to next Saturday at least.


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