Duvet day

Quite a decent cold at the moment so no walking today. Might probably be able to manage 10 miles but, in my experience, that might be counter productive. In my 20s I was a very keen runner, going out pretty much every day. For a couple of years I barely had any colds or coughs so I imagine my immune system was being boosted by all the exercise. But I found that when I did catch anything, it was normally a bad one, strong enough to fight the boosted immunity I had developed. Having been used to running anything between 5 and 9 miles without too much distress, suddenly a 2 or 3 mile jog was sufficient to knock me out for most of the rest of the day. Even after recovering from the cold, it took another couple of weeks before I was back up to speed.

The effect is not so severe for walking, as you might expect. I do need that 15 mile fix once a week just to keep up a pretence of fitness in my own mind, but it is just not going to happen this weekend. The last time I can remember not walking due to a bug was about this time last year, three weeks before the off. Two weeks without walking was not the ideal preparation but in the end it did me no harm. I sort of built back my fitness in the first couple of days on the walk itself where naive adrenaline kicked in, in any case.

Looking forward to May and the Wight Challenge, as you might have gathered from reading recent posts. Could do with no colds, coughs, stomach bugs or the like in April. For today, the supermarket and the weekly shop this morning should be sufficient to restrict me to the sofa in the afternoon and perhaps a snooze.

Trying to find a whole week in March or early April that I can take off work to go walking every day. It was in 2013 that I put in over a hundred miles in six days for the first time (certainly not the last time!), including my longest, 28 miles from Brockenhurst, around parts of the New Forest and then home from there. Being able to walk a mere 6 the next day was an achievement in itself, and that week gave me great confidence in developing powers of recovery. One feature of the long walk last year was the ability I nurtured of setting aside a difficult day to go again the next and there weren’t that many days when I didn’t have the wherewithal to reboot my mind and forget the pain of the previous one. Christchurch to Sarisbury – yes that is the goal for that week and, importantly, to do a decent distance the day after. Looking forward to it, sort of………..

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