Unexpected item in the bagging area?

Just over four months until the Wight Challenge and already some encouragement through early sponsorship: https://www.justgiving.com/Keith-Spicer2. Relatively speaking, it is not a large target since that is the minimum I have to raise in order to be eligible (the organisers can actually remove my entry if I don’t raise half that by six weeks before the event). As I have said before, and to several people, it is not easy for me to ask for sponsorship less than a year after I received a more than magnificent response from friends and family, with over 11 thousand pounds raised for SANDS, and I am not going to hammer this as often as I did at that time. If you do have just a few quid spare, that would be fantastic. The Wight Challenge is an interesting event, apparently just one of a number of “ultra-marathons” that take place over the year – and some people do actually run the whole 66 mile distance! I won’t be. http://www.isleofwightchallenge.com/

A Christmas Day of over-indulgence in the over-eating department and a Boxing Day walk was absolutely necessary. I often wear skin-tight base layers in order to soak up sweat and generally they work extremely well (I wore them on every walking day of the Long Walk) and now I have similar base layer trunks with thigh coverage, a bit like this (by the way, that picture is not of me!)

base layer.

I have to say that my first thought when putting them on was that inhuman voice, yet somehow always female voice you sometimes hear at the supermarket self service tills: “unexpected item in the bagging area”. Anyway, moving on swiftly and with the incentive of the need for a bit of fat loss, Boxing Day brings a gloomy, grey but mild late morning, surely not the weather I will be facing at 9am on 2 May. Rain doesn’t look at all likely; it just looks like the sort of day that will be continually grey but dry. A career as the weatherman for BBC TV and frivoling with Sophie Raworth, Natasha Kaplinsky or even Kate Silverton now seems out of the question as an hour of dryness was followed by four and a bit hours of rain, gradually increasing in heaviness as the afternoon wore on. By the time I dragged my limbs up Sarisbury Hill, it was pretty steady. Having set off without waterproofs, at least my fleece did keep me dry, even if the fleece was twice its weight when I took it off as it had been when I put it on. Getting up to about 16.5 miles and not really feeling too tired was at least some progress over the previous “15 miles and I’m knackered” walk that I had earlier in the week. That looks like the minimum distance I should be setting myself each time I go out now.

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