Calendars, cops and cramps

Have taken the first steps toward putting together the calendar with pictures taken during the long walk earlier in the year. Difficult to establish the demand for such a thing? and, with a lower unit cost price for higher numbers, I have rather optimistically plumped for 50. Still have to work out a reasonable price to charge, balancing the profit margin against deterring potential buyers. Have pretty much chosen the 12 pictures. Watch this space.

The weather forecast for this weekend has looked grim all week and I seriously considered a non-walking weekend. Some of those animated forecasts showed just a covering of blue (rain) over the southern parts of Hampshire for the whole of Saturday and much of Sunday. As it turns out, it is very grey, there are light showers but hardly the apocalypse.

A rather drab opening three miles, very much in tone with the skies above, but toward Thornhill three police cars, two police vans, two canopies covering the footpath, 200 yards of which was closed, at least provided something of interest. Shortly after, the ner-ner ner-ner of an ambulance entered earshot and so I will be watching the local news later for any, er, local news, while quite a few drivers allowed themselves to drive without due care and attention in rubbernecking as I was trying, rather perilously, to cross the road.

Walking down into Sholing, I noticed that a number 3 bus was followed less than two minutes later by another number 3, and indeed a third number 3 around five minutes after that. It reminded me of a scene from Torn Curtain, which I think was the first Hitchcock film I ever saw. You only see part of that scene fleetingly here in the trailer below, but it is a reasonable film, with fairly unconvincing performances from both Paul Newman and Julie Andrews. Certainly worth a watch, but it is not a Hitchcock classic.

Up and across from Sholing to the northern part of Woolston, through Bitterne and down Chalk Hill and then back home pretty directly. A total of 13.5 miles, avoiding getting too wet with just a couple of light showers. Legs felt a bit heavy but also I didn’t feel quite the fitness gain that I sometimes feel when I complete a walk. It is as if I had something weighing heavily on my stomach. I’m sure a big poo will sort it all out. On that note,……….

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