Not to be while I feel sorry for myself

It was not to be. Operation Hench started really well but last weekend I caught some sort of bug that left me with stomach cramps, stomach pain and generally not feeling that chipper at all. So it was pretty much no food for two days, then only very plain food for a couple more, no chocolate, no cheese, no dairy products, the absolute minimum of toast and very little processed food at all in order to kick it. Lunch at work on both Thursday and Friday was fat free crisps, fruit and fibre biscuits, a banana and as much water as I could drink. A few sugary fruit lollies helped to keep the energy to a reasonable level.

Yes, I lost the requisite weight but not in the intended way. I didn’t feel up to dressing up and collecting for Children in Need on Friday – and it wouldn’t have been the right message to send after I’d taken three days off work to them come back and prance around in a Hawaiian costume. Work colleagues Colin, Aimee and Lorraine did a sterling job, collecting £363. Brilliant stuff.

While I was off, a knock on the door in the afternoon led to two charity collectors. A very high profile (and worthy) charity and I won’t mention the specific one, but it is not one that I would imagine struggles for fund raisers. High pressure selling and they didn’t feel the slightest guilt in making me feel as guilty as is possible, and even after I mentioned my raising over 11 grand for SANDS, they didn’t appear to show any genuine interest. No doubt others were made to feel they just had to donate on a monthly basis. But I do dislike door to door selling, even if it is for charity. If I want to give to charity, I will do, and on my terms.

Unlikely that I will go walking this weekend. Time just to recharge in readiness for the final month at work before the  Christmas break. Matt is home too, so it would be nice to catch up. Walking can wait, while energy reserves are low.


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