A true-Lee scrumptious Indian summer’s 17 miles

You couldn’t believe it was November. After some early morning rain, the skies cleared to a beautiful afternoon. A walk down to Lee on Solent was just the ticket and the best walk I have had for some time.


The breeze was pretty keen along Lee seafront which made it more difficult to keep my earphones in my ears. But what I could hear was Pompey, just for once, playing to potential and winning without stress. I am sure that the fact I was more relaxed helped me to walk further without significant aching. The sun continued to beat down like it was August and not November and I moved to the shingly beach, the one spell today when I felt my thighs and calves strain. After moving back to solid ground, though, I felt as good as I have for a long time, the boots finally broken in, it appears.

During a brief time bumping into a number of work colleagues and other acquaintances, I moved further along the coast, taking in Hill Head and Titchfield Haven, before walking the lovely wooded path back up to Titchfield. It is not a path that I have walked for some time and it was a refreshing change from the roads. Despite trying to take a side path that was ultimately blocked by a locked gate, I felt as free as a bird in the late afternoon sun, and cutting back through Park Gate to Sarisbury took the afternoon output to 17 miles, three goals, three points and a mild sunburn.

Feet – brilliant. High five to them. Finally back to decent distances now.

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