Bread today, jam tomorrow

With my flexitime balance a bit healthier than it has been in the past, I felt I could take a day off to go for a decent walk, just far enough to help get used to these boots. The thoughts of a 30 miler are probably for the spring, with the days getting shorter now. The fact that the clocks go back on Sunday morning doesn’t help with the hour earlier sunset, though you have to remember that the amount of daylight doesn’t shorten by an hour, it just gets earlier in the day.

So quite a wander today, a wondering wander. Thinking about work, thinking about the past, thinking about the future, thinking about family, thinking about football, thinking about cricket, thinking about walking and future exploits. Above all, thinking how lucky I am to have so many things to think about and being able to make decisions that I am not being forced into. That is a blessing indeed.

The waterproof jacket was very much flavour of the day with skies very grey as I set out. Being very careful not to walk too far and risk foot damage, it was a pleasant wander, partly roads, partly wooded areas and it became sufficiently warm to carry rather than wear the jacket. Of course, within another 15 minutes the first spots of rain appeared and I estimate it took around 12 seconds to have the jacket back on, hood up, straps secured. Feeling pathetically smug at that, and then the rain stopped pretty much as soon as it started.

The walk was enough to build up a mild sweat, at a total distance of a touch over 11 miles. Would have liked to have done more, but it is a hard lesson learned more than once in the past that breaking in boots needs to be a gradual process. These ones especially so, with the pressure points at different places to which I am accustomed. Hard skin needed. Once that has built up, then longer distances. So take it easy until that time. Bread today, jam tomorrow, perhaps not literally tomorrow. Pop tarts need not apply.

Feel good. Things are looking up.


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