Sore soles leave a Sunday hole

Nothing to worry about. Didn’t go for a walk today because the soles of my feet were a bit sore and I do remember now that the chap selling me the boots was at pains to explain the support to the front half of the sole, since that was where you push off when taking a step, rather than (or as well as) the more usual greater support to the heel. They actually felt really comfortable, but I need to wear them in a bit, while taking care of my feet. After all, you only ever get two feet.

So today, after the weekly shop this morning, was spent mooching around, dipping in and out of Facebook in a bit of an irritable mood, and listening to football. Not the most active nor the most exciting Sunday I have ever had, it has to be said. Jump starting Matt’s car after it just whined a little whinny as a response to the key was about the most useful thing I’ve done today. Four weeks sleep was too much for it to bear.

So, walking is not on the agenda until at least Friday. Perhaps the most I can expect is three shortish walks for next weekend and, by shortish, I mean in the region of 10-12 miles each. Certainly I need to break in these boots and get up to higher mileage before I turn into a complete slob.


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