Yeah, I still got it

She had long brown hair, long legs and an Amazonian figure. Yeah, I still got it. Oh, wait a minute, no, not that one this time. Yeah, I still got it, and no exchanging of any body fluids or phone numbers. I can still walk decent distances, today the farthest I have walked since April. Just over 23 miles, starting this morning and taking a route along side streets and A27 to Cosham High Street. A stop for a strawberry milkshake and a walk all the way back. I felt really fit and not really that tired when I got home at about 7:30pm.

Plenty of time for pondering the possibilities of 100 miles in 48 hours. Also for finding out that Sunday is Grandparents Day and that grandparents eat free (presumably with a full-paying ‘child’) at The Seagull in Portchester.

It’s one thing having Fathers Day and Mothers Day but this is getting out of hand. Did you know that today is World Farm Animals Day? But I didn’t imagine taking a cow into the pub and them having a free meal. Tomorrow is actually Virus Appreciation Day, and bizarrely, Saturday is all of these: Ship in a Bottle Day, World Animal Day, Vodka Day, Taco Day, World Card Making Day and Improve Your Office Day. Yeah, like I’m going in specially on a Saturday just to do a bit of feng shui when I could be having a lie in or thinking about football or something, making some cards while eating a taco and drinking vodka. Next Wednesday is even Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work & School Day.

After that refuelling in Cosham, I walked back past Paulsgrove and Wymering – noting that I had my Pompey fleece in case of trouble. I was concerned about one young lad I saw walking towards me before turning down a side street – he gobbed four times in the space of about 20 seconds and I hope he reached home before he suffered dehydration, and I hope he isn’t now drowning in his own front room. Ok, enough of that old spit, quite happy about the walk today, certainly the mental strength is still there, with the journey back from Cosham simply split into stages – Pall building, Port Solent, Mother Kelly’s, Portchester precinct, Condor Avenue, Cams Hill School, Fareham, and then the final six miles or so with which I an pretty familiar. All I have to do is to repeat this walk length three more times, throw in a couple more hours and that’s it. But I have read of walkers having hallucinations on the second day after 60 or 70 miles and even people collapsing with exhaustion after 97 miles. So this is serious stuff, and I need to build up – perhaps starting earlier than about 11:30am would help!


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