French sortie apres sortir

Our last sortie in land as the ship docked in Le Havre. I have always liked wandering in France as much as in any other country with nearly always something interesting to look at, and with the help of knowing at least a bit of the language. Roads are very well signposted and traffic reasonably well behaved (though I could watch the cars on that ’roundabout’ at Arc de Triomphe for hours).

Four hours in Le Havre and of course we found nice parks full of flowers.



It was a bright and warm day in the lower twenties centigrade, pretty decent for the final day of September. The walking has just about offset the inevitable greater than average calorie intake on the ship and we both sweated a fair amount in the midday and early afternoon.

Packing tonight. Nothing will make me forget soon the sight of an old overweight German man in his vest and underpants sorting out his case in the corridor, the evening before his departure at Hamburg. Hopefully not the overriding memory of this holiday, but one that will make me chuckle for a while when I think of it.

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