Now I’ve said it…..

…….I’ll have to do it. Our boys got promotion yesterday and so I will have to walk to Ventnor. Already making plans, 15 miles to Pompey on the Thursday, ferry to Ryde on Friday morning, then around 14 miles to somewhere near Ventnor on the Friday, before the match on the Saturday. Cunning plan this one, so that I won’t have to get up so early on the Saturday morning. Early mornings are certainly not me since my Home Office commuting to London days where I usually took the 6:50 train from Southampton Parkway (occasionally the 5:58!).

So not quite the challenge that I had earlier this year, but it will certainly evoke memories. Wondering whether to walk back as well, staying in Ventnor on the Saturday, walk to Ryde on the Sunday and then ferry and walk back from Pompey on the Monday. Determined not to become the millionth person to cite the Beatles number one hit that a number of wags seem to think is the most original joke to wheel out every time they travel to that certain place on the Isle of Wight. Or probably the two millionth by now.

So I’d better at least try to get a little bit fit again and so had an afternoon and early evening 13 miles today. No ill effects (yet) but I am gradually feeling the strength coming back into my legs. Of course, I had yesterday’s very fresh in the mind memories to provide a real spring in the step, and a very good workout on a warm afternoon, proudly wearing my Sarisbury fleece, and there was plenty of sweat to be had out there. I just hope that when the time comes for the Ventnor Adventure (which has a sort of a ring to it), it’s neither during a heatwave, nor a monsoon that will have the match called off, given I will book accommodation very much in advance in order to cut down costs. The fixtures don’t come out for a wee while yet, but as soon as they do…………..


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