Are there any Antarcticans out there?

As I said in a previous post, I can get stats on country of origin, i.e. from which country views come. No surprise to see UK in 1st! But I would like to cover the whole world. So if you do travel abroad, please have a view, especially if you visit a country that is not on this list. I will endeavour to view from Luxembourg when I visit during September and when we are cruising in the Mediterranean in late September / early October.

I would just love views from the following in particular: China, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Greenland and, especially, Antarctica. That would just be the pinnacle. Thanks, guys. Here’s the current table:

Country Views
United Kingdom 21,861
New Zealand 258
United States 227
France 87
Switzerland 75
Australia 70
Ireland 68
Saint Helena 38
Canada 31
Malta 12
Ukraine 12
Zambia 11
Italy 11
India 8
Bulgaria 8
Germany 8
Greece 6
Spain 6
United Arab Emirates 5
Czech Republic 5
Guernsey 5
Georgia 5
Portugal 4
Netherlands 3
Japan 3
Croatia 3
Brazil 3
Belgium 3
Bermuda 2
South Africa 2
Jersey 2
Thailand 2
Viet Nam 1
Venezuela 1
Argentina 1
Oman 1
Egypt 1
Tunisia 1
Mexico 1
Russian Federation 1
Norway 1
Indonesia 1
Isle of Man 1
Turkey 1
Pakistan 1
Israel 1
Republic of Korea 1
Sweden 1
Singapore 1
Serbia 1
Malaysia 1
Ecuador 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Algeria 1
Armenia 1
Poland 1



2 thoughts on “Are there any Antarcticans out there?

  1. Keith, if I had known you started your blog well before your walk, I would have posted when we were in Hong Kong earlier in the year. We may be going again next year.

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