Purposeful. Yes, that’s the word. 7 miles. And I was in the zone. All I could think about the whole way was cricket. Sometimes football.

I really did need this walk. Have felt under the weather for a couple of days and have a bit of a sore throat. I started walking just before 6pm and it immediately started spitting, then drizzling, then raining a bit. Never too heavy but sufficient for me to put my hood up on my waterproof jacket. Once the rain ceased, I kept the jacket on and built up a bit of a sweat, but really kept up a decent stride for the entire walk, except for the 20 minutes when I stopped for a, yes you guessed it, a skinny latte with vanilla, no, caramel it was this time. So a finish at about 8:10 having skirted round Locks Heath, Holiday Inn roundabout, Segensworth Road and then close to Swanwick Station before shifting back up to Sarisbury was pretty good and, er, sweaty. I know, I know, it wasn’t exactly scenic for a lot of the time, it wasn’t the New Forest, the Serengetti, Michu Pachu or even Machu Pichu, but it’s difficult to go too far after work without leaving unreasonably early. 7 miles on the road will do for me at the moment.

The cricket, yes, ok. A dramatic Saturday was like that time when you’ve given up on anything interesting happening and then the terrace rumour sweeps around the ground that your rivals are losing, and suddenly winning that game became the most important thing in the world, just for an hour or so. Let the drama continue on the next two Saturdays. Liphook away this week – need a routine win there with, actually, no more drama.


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