That still don’t impress me much, but it made me laugh

A day of two halves, to coin a phrase. For most of the working day, I was as grumpy as Grumpy on a trip to Grumpyville while the other six dwarfs went out clubbing with Snow White. Without naming names, there are just a couple of people making some of my working life a bit difficult for me. The chances are, if you are reading this, that it isn’t you because neither of them are on Facebook, as far as I am aware, and I don’t believe they see my blog. But I shan’t risk getting into trouble by naming them. It’s not just that, though – I’ve barely had a day off since my long walk and even an afternoon off to go to cricket a few weeks back led to a not altogether enjoyable match.

Looking out of the window during the afternoon and seeing slate grey skies and the rain pouring down, my plans for an evening walk appeared to be scuppered. But by 5pm it looked a little clearer and I set off at about 5:45 and, even with a stop of almost half an hour in Locks Heath Centre, managed a Google Maps estimated 6.6 miles by just after 8pm. It felt great to walk in conditions that were not at all close and with no significant threat of rain, though there a few spots from what appeared to be an absolutely clear sky. It was a real purposeful pace too that felt like it was doing me some good.

It might not be so exhilarating tomorrow evening when I travel up to Bristol to deliver one of our famed disclosure control courses on the Wednesday. Hopefully there won’t be hoards of Oxford United fans milling about when I reach Bristol Temple Meads at 18:49. Hopefully just bunches, because bunches are surely smaller than hoards.

Finally, I noticed that I had had 9 views of my blog today, from 5 different countries. Amusingly, at least one of those had emanated from the search term “where is there bad grammar in “that don’t impress me much” “, and clearly had found a very old entry that related to the Shania Twain song getting stuck in my head. See Made me laugh a lot inside, if only not to hear that song again.


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