Right that’s it, enough is enough

When your wife, your son and a work colleague all comment within the space of two days that you’ve put on some weight, it’s time to do something. Not thrash your car in the style of Basil Fawlty


but think about doing something more positive.

I’ve been a couple of weeks without chocolate but, actually, if anything, my weight has gone up rather than down. It’s time to get back on the road. I’ve had problems in motivation since I have had no particular goal like I had for two years with the long walk coming up, but I am refusing to buy bigger sized trousers than I currently wear, and they are becoming slowly tighter. So here is my plan:

Reduce chocolate, but not outlaw it

Don’t eat anything after the evening meal

Cut down on white bread

and, the main thing, do a bit of walking.

Not any great distance yet, by previous standards but just under 4 miles yesterday and just under 6 miles today. While there is still plenty of light after work, it would be stupid not to use it, with cricket getting in the way of walking on Saturdays and the odd Sunday. Not needing the walking boots, just good running shoes, yesterday was a stroll with Pammy down to Locks Heath and back, taking in a somewhat circuitous path, while today was a pleasant yet decently paced walk through Sarisbury, Holly Hill and down along the Hamble, round Warsash and back home. There was a welcome breeze along the Hamble but once away from the river, it was a cool early evening yet very close. Close enough to build up a decent sweat and to make one breathe a little harder than normal. Looking forward to a few more post-work walks and some slightly looser trousers.

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