Gym’ll fix it

It might be more beneficial to me today to have an hour in the gym today rather than some 15 mile walk. Certainly I need a bit of toning up after a slobbyish week watching the World Cup. Not that the football ends with us being eliminated, but at least the 11pm kick offs come to an end!

I was going to the gym quite regularly for a couple of years but stopped going after I strained my neck falling asleep on a plane flight. Not much point then paying a monthly membership if you are not going, so I jacked that in. But we did convert our garage into a gym, with a rowing machine, cycle, cross trainer and weights. Has to be said that my attendance comes and goes but Matt has been pretty regular for months, especially during his recovery from his ankle injury and operation. I must resolve to have at least one or two sessions each week there, since we have a TV and DVD player to watch whatever we want.

Feeling pretty upbeat at present. I haven’t even told Pammy this, but I stopped one of my medications about nine days ago and don’t feel any worse for it. Still taking the Propanalol or whatever it’s called, in fairly small doses. Perhaps it’s all the ego boosts that I have had in the past few weeks, and even now people are coming up to me asking how my walk went, that I have done really well, I am an inspiration etc etc. Lovely to hear people say that sort of thing and compliments always lift the spirits. I have learned now not to take negative comments too personally while still to take the positives out of the nice things people say and good things people do. In short, I always try to look for the positives, even if they are in short supply. There are too many people in this world who have to find fault with others and almost seem to enjoy the chance to criticise. After all, everyone who one criticises is also a human being like you and I, and they have feelings too.

Still a chance to donate if you haven’t already. will be open for business until next May at least. Still quite a few bits and bobs to sort out on the total. I fear there has been a small amount of double counting on the off line donations that we just need to iron out, but this is still a mammoth total for SANDS. Thank you, every one of you, for helping to make this venture such a success and, in turn, helping me back to where I need to be in mind, body and spirit.

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