In anticipation of cakes

Total raised stuck for a few days on £11,178.70. This will change tomorrow as I am a guest judge for a cake competition at work, with proceeds going to SANDS. Three categories for me and two other judges to assess: Pies, World Cup and Anything Goes. No breakfast necessary for me tomorrow, but probably a long walk needed at the weekend. One tip for cake makers: I don’t do nuts, I love fruit, I do do chocolate and cheesecakes are definitely acceptable. Right, that is actually four tips.

So a chocolate cheesecake with fruit and no nuts looks like being a winner.

I am gradually coming round to the idea of doing the Kilimanjaro thing with Lorraine and Andrew. They might not want the idea of doing that walk with an old fogy like me, though, and I am not particularly keen on the camping thing. But I’m sure I could put up with it for a few days, if only they could put up with me! Sounds as if it is walking uphill rather than climbing, and a day or two of oxygen deprivation can only be good for you. Sort of, given some limits. Not until 2017 anyway and I might have time to do one or two other things before then.

Enjoying the football World Cup, and having the fact confirmed that footballers spend half their time pretending they’re hurt, in contrast to rugbyers who spend half their time pretending they’re not hurt. Not that I can really enjoy rugby, a game where you run forward only to have to throw the ball back. Logic it is not.

OK, let’s dip into my photo archive and show you someone’s garden, just as I was about to enter the village of Painswick, the scene of the infamous “Tea House” incident. Not this house, though. Bet their gardener / builder had an interesting project installing their water feature.


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