Back to visit an old friend

Missing the adventure. Quite good at work actually at the moment, but could do with something like that walk again. Not enough for me just to walk the once a week at the moment, it was the continual repetition of walk, recover, walk, recover, walk, recover along with not knowing quite what the next day would bring.

Anyway tomorrow I have the first of two days in London. Top secret. Can’t tell you. OK, it is the Open Data and Privacy Workshop. Yep, it’s just my sort of thing. Allegedly. About 2.2 miles from Waterloo so walkable, in trainers, not shoes. Hopefully there is a place to get a decent coffee. Will be staying at, wait for it, the Travelodge near King’s Cross. Just like old times.

Did you know there are 55 Travelodge hotels in London? Nope, I didn’t either, and I don’t really care. And I won’t be having the old breakfast box and the infamous muffin this time.

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