Faith can move mountains, but can my sister’s children climb them?

Total raised now £11,071. A few more donations to come in, but that looks like being very close to the “final” total. Have been to the bank, deposited a considerable bunch of cash (yep, I know) and enquired about one of those enormous presentation cheques for me to pose with. I am keeping the justgiving page open for another year, partly because I can, but only for the sake of a small number of people who may become aware of my walk / charity / page over that period.

We are considering another quiz night and perhaps one event per year to keep raising awareness as well as money.

Still questions, more questions, and even more questions about another challenge. Unlikely to be anything else this year, since I have not only used up most of my leave but also incurred considerable expense. A minimum aim (or was it an objective) of my walk was to raise more money for SANDS than I spent myself doing the walk. Done that, and some more, but that expenditure is not something I can just repeat willy nilly.

If it is a walking challenge, I might do the Coast to Coast, or perhaps the Southern Upland Way, across the South of Scotland, a path of about 212 miles. Would need at least two weeks off work to do it, and a couple of additional recovery days. But at least not for another year. The Land’s End to John O’Groats thing was a once in a lifetime experience and I cannot imagine ever doing anything of that magnitude again.

I’m sure they won’t mind me saying, and if they do, that’s just too bad :-), that my niece and nephew Lorraine and Andrew are planning to climb Kilimanjaro in three years time. 19,000 feet if you didn’t know. Now that is not even four miles, 1,022 less than what I did. However, it is up and not something I am likely to try! Good on them.

Just for them, this is a picture of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain. And about a quarter of the size of Kilimanjaro.



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