Right that’s it. Two people yesterday commented that I had started to put back on the weight I had lost during my walk. True, it’s not all 21 pounds that I lost, but I would imagine I have regained at least half a dozen of those. I sort of expected to. But when people notice and comment, I can’t say it doesn’t touch a nerve.

Must ensure that I have at least one walk per week, and at least one gym session per week. Probably more. And just count to ten before I scoff chocolate.

4:45 alarm this morning and a flight to Manchester for first of two day conference. Got key to hotel room and struggled to make it work. Was just about to traipse down to reception when I realised I was trying the wrong door. Could have been embarrassing, though it wouldn’t be the first time this year I have gone in the wrong door.

Amusing that 75 out of 100 people on Pointless recognised a picture of Sir Alfred Hitchcock (who has been dead for over 30 years) and only 69 recognised Stephen Spielberg (who is very much alive). Confirms the natural order of things. Even more amused to get what would be a jackpot winning answer of ‘Hitchcock’ in the final round as a response to ‘Films of Scarlett Johansson’. Not that I am obsessed, of course.

Tired. Headache. Evening meal at 7pm. Need an early night.


Hah, viaduct / bridge watch.


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